Hi, I’m Theresa, city-raised girl originally from Munich, Germany, who now lives small-town life, loves mountains, and the simple life in Colorado.

I never thought that someday I would start a blog, as I sit well enough in front of a computer in my daily work. And I have never been interested in learning how to do gardening, or how to cook except basic foods.

Follow me as I explore lovely Colorado, and join me as I learn how to cook and garden, with tweaks for a modern working woman.

We now have a mini vegetable garden in the backyard of our house. I’m not sure how far I will eventually go with this “urban farming” hobby, but I am excited in learning how to make pickles. 🙂

I invite you to join me on my experiences. I’m going to get to basics and learn how to make things from scratch.

We have our share of concerns about the food and the planet itself. Most veggies we consume today are contaminated with pesticides, but any chemical that ends with ‘cide’ is toxic.

We get rid of pests and insects instantly, but it will affect us eventually.

Sadly, organic food is super expensive compared to traditional food. The issue is with the distribution model.

What’s a better way to ensure that you eat harmless organic food at an affordable cost, other than growing a vegetable garden of your own?

We’ll write all about vegetable gardening in our blog.